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Freebie Friday: Pure CSS3 Responsive Social Media…


I’m starting a new feature on my blog, Freebie Friday! Each Friday I will feature some cool freebie for webmasters, designers, or bloggers. It could be social icons, Photoshop resources, or cool plugins (both WordPress and Javascript/Jquery). My goal is to bring interesting freebies to my readers and give a...

Review: InMotion Web Hosting


I was recently approached by InMotion Hosting to be an affiliate with them. As part of the offer I got to try out their hosting completely free of charge. They haven’t asked me to review them and this post is in no way endorsed by InMotion Hosting, but I felt...

How Often Should You Update Your Website…


Running a business takes a lot of time and effort. Unfortunately for most they often forget their website design. Some businesses are still using the first website they ever had, whether it be with Frontpage or built in 1981. Often inaccurate or outdated information is left up which can lead...

WordPress Themes Versus Custom Themes


This article is intended for users who may be searching for a web designer or company, or just want to learn more about WordPress themes. There are tons of free and commerical themes out there for use. Those who are comfortable with WordPress or the basics of web sites should...

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