7 Free Plugins & Tools to Grow Your Email List

7 Free Plugins & Tools to Grow Your Email List

One thing I see a lot of people asking is how to grow their email list and what tools they can use to do that. In this post you’ll find seven great free tools that can be used to get email subscribers, improve your opt-in forms, and turn your website into a conversion machine.

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1. SumoMe

SumoMe is a suite of tools built into a single plugin that can help grow your email list and increase social shares. I used to use SumoMe on my own website for its social sharing buttons but got sick of it disconnecting and ugly blue box it adds to every page. 

You can use this tool to create “hello” bars (a thin heading bar on the top of your website), welcome mats that show up when someone gets to your website, pop-up boxes and even scroll boxes. It’s a great, fully functional plugin to have on your website.

Unfortunately, I’ve heard that they have changed the free version and it will no longer sync with your email marketing tool. This means it will save the emails but you’ll have to manually add them to your email list. Sounds pretty lame to me.

2. MailMunch

This plugin offers a large variety of opt-in forms for your website, from pop-ups to sidebar and embedded forms too. It also integrates well with popular email marketing platforms like Mailchimp, but works with many others as well.

You also get access to analytics, A/B testing, and the ability to target different posts or pages. MailMunch lets you tweak their already high-converting themes so you don’t even need to know code or have any design skills to use it!

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3. Privy

You’re probably going to pinch yourself when you realize how awesome Privy is. Although there are paid options, the free plan still has so meany great features. You get access to almost any kind of opt-in form you would want to add to your website plus intelligent targeting for specific opt-ins.


But Privy has a few unique things like landing pages and offers/coupons for ecommerce websites. Did I mention it also integrates with almost everything? Ok, maybe not all the things, but just about any tool you’re using. Truth be told, Privy is probably one of the best kept “email marketing” secrets. 

4. Icegram

This is another suite of tools and features to help boost conversions and grow your email subscribers. They boast many high-converting templates, several different opt-in types, and display rules. Icegram is pretty proud of their long list of features: analytics, A/B testing, headline generator, no branding, and far more.

Unfortunately, you need the premium version to access certain features like behavior triggers and geo targeting. But if it has the features you’re looking for, this can be a great option to add more customized opt-ins to your website.

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5. PopupAlly 

This plugin lets you create a popup form in 5 minutes! You’ll also get features like exit intent and time delay. It does more than just popup forms though; you can also make embedded forms to put wherever you like.

If you need more powerful features and more design templates, you can upgrade to the pro version which has so much to offer.

6. HelloBar

A lot of the plugins I’ve shared are powerful packages of different tools and features, but sometimes all we need is something simple to get the job done. HelloBar is a simple tool that gives you a code that will add a simple bar at the top of your website.


You may have seen a HelloBar here or there across the web since it will have some subtle branding. It’s a quick and easy way to get an opt-in bar up, even if you don’t have WordPress!

7. Boxzilla 

While HelloBar does one thing well, Boxzilla does boxes well. It’s a simple and light-weight plugin that creates boxes of any kind of content you want. So you can embed opt-in forms or even images, video- whatever you can think of!

While there are different add-ons available to add more features, Boxzilla doesn’t limit you in terms of functionality. The core plugin has various box triggers (scroll %, amount of time on page, etc), different box positions, animations, and page targeting.

If you need something simple and clean, this can get the job done.

I hope you were able to find a plugin or tool to fit your needs! You can get this entire list plus my picks for paid tools to help grow your list in my free workbookWhat is your favorite plugin to improve conversions and get sign ups? Tell me in the comments below.

Grow Your List Handbook

Free 14-page interactive workbook that teaches you the basics of email marketing