How to Do Content Upgrades in MailerLite

How to Do Content Upgrades in MailerLite

Content upgrades are a great way to not only provide more value to your blog posts, but your email list. A great free way to start implementing content upgrades into your blog is to use an email marketing platform with capabilities like automation.

This post will walk you through the steps of creating your own content upgrades using MailerLite and if you’re interested in a video tutorial go to the bottom of this post!

Step 1: Create a new group

The first step is to go to your subscribers tab and create a new group that will be exclusive to this content upgrade. You should try to keep your labels organized by using a system. For example, I start each of my opt-in freebie groups with “Freebie:”.

So your post’s content upgrade my be something like “Freebie: Branding Checklist”. You need a new group for each content upgrade because we’re going to use automation to send the freebie and it has to go to only people who are in this group.

Step 2: Setup your form

Next we’ll go over to webform and create a new form to go in your post. Once you have designed your first content upgrade form, you can copy the form over again so you don’t have to start from scratch every time.

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I like to use the Button webform to create a nice, clickable button that brings up a popup with the opt-in. You can use an Embed form if you’d prefer but the Button seems like a popular choice.

Design your form and popup to match your website and branding. If you’re stuck watch the video tutorial below for a step-by-step walk through. I prefer to leave double opt-in off on all my content upgrades but choose what you prefer.

Step 3: Create your automation

Now you’ll need to create an autoresponder to send out the free download link to the users who get added to the group you created.

Like with your forms, you’ll be able to easily copy your automation again in the future when you want to send out a content upgrade. Just change out the image and link and voila!

The settings you’ll choose are when a new subscriber joins this list and you’ll want to send it immediately. Make sure your subject line is clear and mentions the freebie they signed up for.

Create your email and make sure to include the link to the free download. You can upload it to your own WordPress website, Dropbox, or even Google Drive. I like to include a small preview of the freebie as an image but you can keep it simple!

The next part is important as you’ll want to connect it to the group your made earlier. If you’ve been naming everything consistently it’s easy to keep it organized and connected. Make sure to turn your automation to on when you’re ready for it to go live.

Step 4: Add your content upgrade to your post

Next go back to your webforms and find the button you originally made. Get the embed code for it and place it into any blog post you want your content upgrade added to. I like to put a colorful box around mine so it stands out.

Video Tutorial

Looking for an easier way to do content upgrades?

If you’re looking for an out of the box solution plus your own resource library, check out Easy Content Upgrades by Boss Plugins. It integrates with Convertkit, MailChimp, and MailerLite plus lets you create your own opt-in boxes, email templates and resource library.

One of my favorite features is the ability to have your subscribers enter their email to get access to the resource library. So no more pesky passwords! If you don’t want to mess with setting up automations and forms or trying to create your own freebie area then get Easy Content Upgrades!