How to Create Landing Pages for FREE on WordPress

How to Create Landing Pages for FREE on WordPress

Did you know that you can make landing pages easily and quickly on WordPress? You don’t need fancy Leadpages or some expensive plugin to make your own sales page. With just two free plugins you can make simple and effective landing pages for your freebies, courses, and products!

Here are the two free plugins I recommend:

Blank Slate will add a blank page template to your website so you don’t have to rely on your theme to have a landing page or blank page template. I haven’t tested it with many different themes but it should work with just about any website.

However, if your theme does have a blank page / landing page template then you shouldn’t need to use Blank Slate. 

If you need more features and control over your landing page, Beaver Builder has a premium version that adds a lot more. But for just a simple landing page I think the free version works just fine! I’ve had a few bugs with the plugin but overall it’s been a breeze to use. 

You don’t even have to use Beaver Builder if you have a page builder plugin you prefer. I’ve heard amazing things about Elementor and even got to try it on a client’s website and it was great! In fact I’d use it over BB now.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin is another free choice that is highly rated and has a lot of options. For a paid version I have a lot of clients who use Visual Composer to build their websites.

Watch the tutorial video above if you want a step by step guide on how to install the plugins and create your first landing page. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I’ll see if I can help.

Updated on 3/30/2019 to add: I now use Elementor Pro to build all my landing pages and even my entire website! After trying it and other page builders, it is 100% the plugin I would recommend. I recorded a quick video showing how I use some of the features.

Want a “done for you” solution?

If you’re not very designer savvy or just want something ready to go than I would highly recommend the landing page templates from Bluchic.

It includes 7 popular templates for things like a webinar, opt-in lead magnet, and sales page that will save you tons of time and increase your conversions.

You’ll also get video tutorials, a guide, and support included if you happen to get stuck.

And the best part? They work with any theme! Not just the Bluchic themes (although they are lovely as well).

I’d love to see the landing pages you create so let me know in the comments 😀