5 Things Wrong with Your Website

If your website isn’t giving you the results you desire or it’s been smashed together with a free builder, you probably have some issues. In this article I go over five simple things that may be wrong with your website.

1. Not Making Use of SEO

Search engine optimization is complex and not always easy to implement. For powerful SEO you will want to hire an experienced person or company. But most people don’t know there are very simple things you can do to improve your search rankings.

For example, your title tags should contain your important keywords. H1 is the most important (obviously) and should include your “main” keyword for that page.

Don’t forget about images either! Use the alt tag to put your page title and keywords. Search engines can’t read images but they do pick up alt tags.

If you’re a brick-and-mortar place that does business locally you should include your NAP (name, address, phone) on as many pages as possible. It’s also important that this information is consistent across the internet. Don’t forget to include your location in your website’s title too!

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2. No Mobility

If you don’t already know, Google likes mobile-friendly sites.

The easiest route is to build a responsive website from the start. A responsive site will “respond” to the size of the window it is being viewed in and the content will shrink or move to fit. It might not be that easy to implement a responsive framework into an existing website, in that case you could build a mobile version.

You will often see mobile versions of websites for big corporations and fast-food websites. A mobile site might have condensed information, fewer pages, and large buttons.

These websites are intended 100% for mobile devices. An easy way to make your WordPress site mobile-friendly is to use a plugin like WPtouch. Whatever choice you make for your website, it is important to have some option for tablet and phone users.

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3. Just Plain Ugly


I can’t keep count of all the horribly ugly websites I’ve reached out to in an attempt to make their website something to be proud of. Websites can be outdated but also can be up-to-date and horrendous.

If you don’t have an eye for design you could always hire someone who does or even have a friend take a look at your website. These are the guidelines I recommend you stick to either way.

Limit your colors! Please don’t use blinding colors like neon green and bright yellow, with blue text and flashing banners. A simple color scheme of 3 to 5 colors is sufficient. Stick with mostly neutrals and choose one color to pop.

Some fonts aren’t time-tested. Do not use Papyrus or Comic Sans anywhere! Times New Roman isn’t a good choice either. If you’re having trouble turn to Google Web Fonts, you can’t go wrong there.

4. Things are Broken

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding a great page or filling out a contact form only to find out its broken or leads to an error. Your entire website can be rendered moot if things aren’t working as they should.

Not to mention that is makes you look unprofessional and like you don’t care. There’s no easier way to drive away customers than to have a website that results in frustration.

Keep an eye out for broken links. If you’re using WordPress try this Broken Link Checker plugin.

Check your contact forms and other interactive elements weekly so you know they’re working. If you’re having consistent problems with your forms opt for a tool that’s hosted offsite like Google’s free form tool.

And add your website to Google Search Console to be updated on various errors and issues that may crop up.

5. Your Site is Stagnant

It isn’t always practical to have a blog on your website. Maybe your site is small and just informative, you don’t fancy writing, or you don’t have the time. Even if you don’t want to be churning out posts on a daily basis its good to have some form of updated news on your website.

You can write about happenings with your business, sales that are going on, or even use Press This to reblog news related to your industry.

Why is it so beneficial to keep your site fresh?

Google, the king of the web, loves updated and unique content. Blogging keeps your website updated with new content, keywords, and shows that you aren’t just some site gathering dust in the depths of the internet.

This is also a great interactive element that keeps your customers entertained and invested in your business.

48 Tools to Boost Your Biz
Ultimate List of Business Tools

A huge free list of apps and tools to help run and automate your business from A to Z

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5 Things Wrong with Your Website
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