Roundup of Asana Courses for Bloggers + Business Owners

When I started getting serious about managing my business tasks and projects I looked for a project management tool. While there are a ton of options out there like Basecamp, Freedcamp, Todoist… You’ll find that Trello and Asana are the most recommended by business owners.

It’s also interesting to see how people tend to choose one or the other. Trello uses cards and has a very specific look and feel. Asana on the other hand is a bit more complex and has lists (as well as boards). While they both accomplish the same goals, you’ll probably find you like one over the other.

If you’re not yet sold on Asana, here are some of the reasons I love using it:

  • Free! There is a premium version but few people probably need it
  • Teams, workspaces, and unlimited projects make it easy to work with others and on different businesses
  • Task lists and boards so you can use what suits you (I’m a list girl!)
  • Setting due dates and times
  • Assigning tasks to users
  • Recurring tasks, which makes it super easy to keep up with business to do’s
  • Subtasks, attachments, comment system… and more!

And while the app itself is pretty easy to use, it never hurts to see how someone else uses the system. Below is a compilation of Asana courses for bloggers, designers, entrepreneurs, and anyone just wanting to use Asana better!

Flourishing Business Mum’s Asana Course

FBM’s completely free course is perfect for the person who has never used Asana before and wants all the basics laid out for them in a paced email course. Each day Dani shows you new parts of Asana and even how to get your account started.

I think if you’re a total newbie and beginner Asana user then this email course is the perfect way to get started and prepare yourself for some of the more in-depth courses listed below.

Asana Video Tutorials by Paul Minors

While this isn’t exactly a course, these are some great tutorials and content available right on Youtube. Paul Minors is an Asana expert and actually offers more in-depth training and coaching for tackling Asana.

What makes his free Youtube videos great is that he shows you exactly the ways that he applies Asana to his own business. Seeing how he uses lists, boards, and “summary projects” in new and different ways helps inspire me to adapt my own systems.

How to Use Asana

This is a totally free email course created by Emmy McCarthy. You’ll receive 6 video lessons via email that will introduce you to Asana and show you how you can use it for all things business.

I love that she shares so many ways to use Asana. From a simple CRM to creating an editorial calendar and even a place to store all those links.

Emmy goes behinds the scenes and let’s you see exactly how she uses Asana for her own business, which makes it so much easier to imagine how you can adapt it to your business! This video series is free so sign up now.

Asana For Bloggers

Asana for Bloggers is well… perfect for bloggers! Created by the no-bullshit entrepreneur Matt Giovanisci, this course is sure to cut to the chase and show you how to manage a blog with Asana. Matt has been successful at managing blogs that get tons of traffic – all with Asana!

This course is fairly affordable at only $99 for all 12 video lessons. He covers the basics of Asana and then gets into things like building your editorial calendar, managing comments, marketing your blog, tracking growth and even how to work with a team.

I love Matt’s quirky approach to business and knowing that I’ll never be bored with his teachings. He’s honest about how his blogs because successful and he’s sharing the tricks he’s learned along the way.

Asana For Designers

Kory Woodard specializes in branding and web design and loves using Asana in her business. She created this course specifically with designers in mind, hence the name.

Asana for Designers offers 15 videos, PDFs, workflows, and tutorials tailored for designers and their clients. It’s a steal at only $59!  Kory shows you the basics of Asana then teaches you how to use it effectively with clients and even how to use it for general business tasks.

Asana for the Entrepreneur

This course is more substantial sitting at $97 and includes several modules and video lessons for beginner to more advanced users.

This course is geared towards business owners and entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and smash goals by utilizing Asana in their strategy. It’s easy to tell by the glowing reviews that other entrepreneurs have had success with Asana and this course.

Included with Asana for the Entrepreneur is a bonus swipe file that gives you a sneak preview into how someone uses Asana in their own business, which sometimes is the secret to using it yourself!

Asana HQ

Out of all the courses on this list, Asana HQ stands out with it’s impressive list of videos, templates, and bonuses. Megan Minns clearly knows her stuff when it comes to getting organized in Asana.

There aren’t any mysteries with this course – you know what you’re getting. There’s templates galore for things like marketing, services, products, and even personal tasks. Megan let’s you see into her own systems and how she uses Asana like an organization ninja.

For all that’s included in the $97 course price tag, I think it’s one of the best choices if you’re looking to really nail Asana. 

Have you taken a course listed here? Let me know in the comments what you thought of it!

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Roundup of Asana Courses for Bloggers and Business Owners
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Heya, I'm Shaylee!

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  1. Hi there! I was looking into purchasing Matt’s course from Money lab on Asana for bloggers and it’s $99 instead of the $25 listed here. I was wondering if there was a coupon code you had or something I was missing….Thanks!

    • Hey there! Sorry for any confusion. At the time of writing this post the cost was indeed $25, however over time the price has understandably increased. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I’ve updated the post to reflect this 🙂


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