Client Love

Allie Doran of Miss Allie's Kitchen
Allie Doran of Miss Allie’s Kitchen
Bringing Shaylee on in 2018 was one of the best decisions that I have made. I no longer worry about backing up my site – I feel confident that my work is in good hands. Shaylee tackles my questions and requests with ease. I’m not sure I could have made the switch to WordPress 5.0/Gutenburg without her support and the resources she provided me with. I don’t even worry about the health of my website anymore knowing I have her on board.
Erin Morrissey of Erin Lives Whole
Erin Morrissey of Erin Lives Whole
Hiring Shaylee has been a game changer for me. As someone who was always worried about the technology and maintenance side to my site, I immediately felt relieved after starting to work with her! She has been actively optimizing my site to ensure the fastest speed, helps keep all my plug-ins up to date, and is always super helpful with any other tasks or questions I have!!
Elle Drouin of Wonderfelle Media
Elle Drouin of Wonderfelle Media
I had a tech issue with my membership site and wasted a ton of time trying to figure it out myself. When I reached out to Shaylee she was able to solve the problem instantly – I wish I had found her sooner! She’s definitely a tech wizard and my go-to for WordPress help now!
Rachel - A Page Out of History
Rachel Pacini of A Page Out of History
Shaylee was a pleasure to work with! I needed some help tweaking my WooCommerce store, and she was able to do everything I asked of her! She communicated with me during every step of the process and had a very quick turnaround time! I will definitely hire her in the future if I ever need more WordPress help.
I couldn’t be happier hiring Shaylee to fix a few things on my site. She was incredibly professional, organized, quick and helpful. I will definitely be working with her in the future for my site.
Shaylee was great to work with. She updated my site quickly and was able to answer all of my questions in a timely manner.
Sarah Anderson, Pro Email Copy
Sarah Anderson of Pro Email Copy
Shaylee is a pro! Working with her was an amazing experience. Her streamlined intake process made the whole project so easy for me. She was quick, responsive to my questions, and went way beyond my expectations. If you need help with your WordPress website, Shaylee’s the one to go to!
Ana Savuica of The She Approach
Working with Shaylee was a dream! After putting together my first sales pages (as a very non-techy blogger), I needed someone to optimize them for mobile and Shaylee did an amazing job. Working with her was such a pleasure and I was really impressed with the quick turn-around (even if it was around the Christmas holidays). She clearly knows what she’s doing when it comes to WordPress.
Dawn Lucy Ross of Fashion Should Be Fun
Shaylee Smith was a joy to work with. She was professional and nice, and made my part of the process as easy as possible. I highly recommend her services!
Crystal Sutton of The Driftwood Home
Shaylee was wonderful in helping us [change domain names]. As a small business owner we stress about making the right choices for our brand and we are so thankful Shaylee helped us with our launch. Her services were prompt, she is extremely knowledgeable and was able to help us right away without issue!
Erica Faulhaber of New Directions with Erica
Shaylee came highly recommended. At first I was hesitant seeing as we were in two different states. This was much smoother than expected! Shaylee has an knack for capturing her client’s vision while complimenting it with her expertise of website appeal. I would recommend her to anybody looking to sharpen their website without the code-mumble-jumble other tech contractors use. Her services are invaluable and her positive attitude helped ease my fears of getting changes made that were not inline with my vision.
Katie of Twist of Lemons
Katie Lemons of Twist of Lemons
Working with Shaylee was an absolute joy. Not only is she incredibly prompt and organized, but her ability to match the aesthetic I described and then execute it onto to my site was incredible. Typically done so in a way that was better than I could have imagined it looking. She is so talented, and I look forward to working with her again soon!
Miranda Nahmias of Miranda Nahmias & co
Shaylee is a website tech goddess. Seriously. Every single problem I brought to her, no matter how big or how small, she fixed with basically a snap of her fingers. Things that I thought were out of the realm of possibility she made happen, and she was always super sweet about it and majorly helpful in every way. Simply put, Shaylee is awesome and worth every penny.
Liz Rufiange of Write Whale
Some backstory about my (nonexistent) technical expertise: I once broke my website trying to fix something in the code by myself. I’m talking, white-screen-of-death-error-your-website-has-vanished-from-the-internet-broken. Needless to say, I went into a panic when I realized that I needed to switch my website to a new domain and put in redirects. Shaylee took the panic and helplessness out of the process. She answered all my questions in such a way that I didn’t feel like an idiot for having asked. I assumed the help that I needed would take weeks, but for Shaylee, it took no time at all. Do yourself a favor and reach out to her if the technical requirements of sorting out your website take away from your passion for your work and drain your energy. I can see myself going to her for any help I need in the future.
Krista of Krista Rae Development
Krista Miller of Krista Rae, LLC
From the moment I started working with Shaylee I knew I found the perfect person to help with my client’s WordPress and tech troubles. As a fellow developer, I’m very picky about the way things are done and I know when things aren’t done correctly. I never have to worry about any of that with Shaylee. She is the only person I trust with my own clients and I know things will be done correctly and quickly, no matter what the issue. If you need any help with WordPress, hosting, or your email list, Shaylee is your girl!
Krista Dickson
Krista Dickson of
Shaylee was such a pleasure to work with. She is so professional and kind – not to mention extremely skilled at what she does! I had a vision for how I wanted the menu and header section of my website to look like, and she took my vision and brought it to life. I’m so happy I chose to work with her, and would highly recommend her for all of your web development needs!
Marissa Hervey of DayGlo Med-Spa
Marissa Hervey of DayGlo Med-Spa
Shaylee was an absolute pleasure to work with. She worked quickly and efficiently to get our site up and running and was also very flexible with us to meet our vision. The site is beautiful and very user-friendly, is easy to navigate, and all of our company information is displayed in a very organized way. We are very pleased with how our new web site turned out and we will be referring anyone looking to build a new site to her!