Why Dubsado is the Only Tool You Need to Manage Your Business

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When my business began getting it’s first few clients I didn’t really have a system in place and it quickly became overwhelming the more projects I booked.

Invoicing, contracts, project management, communication, forms, feedback, and so on and so forth. You realize fast that you need tools to help with every aspect of your business.

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While I have been generally pleased with how I’ve managed to automate my onboarding of new clients in the beginning, things started getting out of hand pretty quickly.

One of the issues I came across was how hard it was for me to keep track of the past projects I’ve completed for clients.

I had to hunt through contracts and folders just to find out what I had helped a client with before and what I charged them. Things were scattered throughout my website, Paypal, Asana, and Wave so finding one client was a hassle.

And while I’ve tried a ton of options for getting contracts signed, none of them really provided all the functions I needed and integrated nicely with the payment processor I wanted to use (in this case Paypal).

But the last straw was when I completely overlooked a client paying me for a project. The tools I relied on weren’t working and it was starting to affect my business.

Enter Dubsado.

If you don’t know, Dubsado is a full feature tool for running your business. It does just about everything you could need from contracts, invoicing, proposals, forms, payment plans, workflows, communication, client portals, and much more.

When Dubsado was first making ground in the online business world, I tried it for few months and actually didn’t really care for it. There were a lot of little things that needed ironed out and they didn’t integrate with Paypal at the time which meant I couldn’t use the invoicing system.

So I gave up on Dubsado and went back to my previous apps. Eventually I got wind that Dubsado had added a ton of new features and finally integrated with Paypal!

I rejoiced and quickly signed back up and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. Keep reading to discover my favorite things about Dubsado and why you should invest in it for your own business!

Contracts, Invoices, Proposals…

Dubsado really has it all. And if they are lacking it then you better believe it’s something they plan on adding. Here are just a few of the things Dubsado can take care of in your business:

  • Contracts
  • Proposals
  • Invoices
  • Canned emails
  • Scheduling
  • Workflows
  • Time tracking
  • Lead capture
  • Forms / questionnaires
  • Payment plans
  • Client portals
  • Task boards
  • Client management
  • Calendar integration

Even though I’m not even using half of these features, I find it to be completely worth the money for what I do use it for.

The biggest thing for me is being able to send the contract, invoice, and proposal to a client in just a few seconds and it’s all wrapped up and ready to go for them.

Not only is the process simple for me, clients love the ease of use and not having to jump through extra hoops.

Automation and Workflows

Oh, sweet sweet automation. You really haven’t lived until you’ve begun automating parts of your business. Dubsado is amazing for this!

Dubsado has a feature called “Workflows” which basically run tasks and do things without you needing to lift a finger. These workflows can be triggered when someone fills out your lead form or when you apply it to a project.

Dubsado Workflows

Take a look at this workflow I use for new monthly maintenance clients.

All I have to do is attach it to the correct project and boom – it starts going to work right away!

This means while Dubsado is onboarding my client and getting me paid, I can be sitting on the couch with a beer (or a glass of whatever you prefer).

My workflows are fairly simple but I’ve seen very complex setups. You can even assign a “to do” for you in the workflow, have it pause, and wait for you to confirm before continuing. This gives you so much control!

And ever since Dubsado integrated with the lord of automation itself, Zapier, there is even more automation to be had (more on that below)!

Stellar Support and updates

One thing that never fails to blow me away is the level of support and openness the team at Dubsado offers. They have a very active Facebook group, friendly and responsive chat support, and provide endless tools to help it’s users understand Dubsado.

They’re always launching new features or at least letting us know what’s coming soon. It feels good to know I’m investing in a tool that is always expanding and improving itself.

They listen to their users and are always open to suggestions. This is something that’s rare to find in a company but the team at Dubsado feels like a group of friends, here to help you on your business journey.

If you’re having trouble learning Dubsado they’ll also help you out for free. That’s right, they’ll help you migrate from your previous system or chat with you one on one to guide you and answer questions.

There are paid options if you want a more hands-off option and they often host webinars and tutorial videos with tips and tricks you might not have realized.

Branding on my own terms

Don’t like the looks of other apps or hate that they stick their branding all over the place? Dubsado let’s you completely customize almost everything!

You can upload your logo and select a brand color which helps make everything look cohesive. The form builders are completely drag and drop so you can design it out to your heart’s content.

And the client portal allows you to set your own banner and color scheme so it is completely and totally on brand when your clients see it.

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Integrations galore

Dubsado connects with a lot of other tools and apps to make your life easier.

For payments, you’ll have a hard time finding a payment processor you’re unhappy with. You have the option to use Paypal, Square, or Stripe to get paid.

If you use a calendar app and keeping your appointments and projects organized is important, you’ll love that Dubsado works with Google Calendar and Apple iCal.

There’s a few other integrations like CloudSpot and QuickBooks but my personal favorite is Zapier. Using the power of Zapier you can have Dubsado connect with almost any other app available in the Zapier library.

Want to know how I use Zapier and Dubsado?

In the Dubsado invoice I list the tasks I need to do as invoice line items. Once the client pays the invoice Zapier does it’s magic and sends those line items to Asana as a new task, assigned to me, and with a due date already attached.

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Why Dubsado is the Only Business Tool You Need
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