9 of My Favorite Business Tools

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You can’t run a business on sprinkles and smiles, you need tools and apps to make your life easier! I’ve learned that automating and simplifying as many aspects of your business as you can will save your time and money.

I love finding new services and websites that offer things for business owners and freelancers. It’s even better when that service is amazing (and free). In this post I’m going to tell you about my favorite services that I use all the time.

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I very recently switched to SiteGround from my previous host, InMotion Hosting. While InMotion was a decent host for the year I was with them, I wasn’t going to renew because the price was too high and I did experience some issues with speed and downtime a few times. 

SiteGround was already the host I referred everyone to. It’s cheap, super fast, and their support is amazing! They’ll even transfer your website over for free so you don’t have to deal with that headache or hire someone to do it. 

After I signed up for hosting I had my new website up the next day and I’ve been super pleased. No down-time and my site loads super quick, which is uber important. Slow sites = visitors saying see ya! You can get started with their lowest tier plan for only $3 a month.

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You have to get your domains somewhere and I don’t recommend getting them with your host. Why? Because if/when you decide to move your site or change hosts, your domain will be stuck with them unless you get it transferred (which isn’t fun or usually free). 

I’ve never had any issues with Namecheap as they are affordable, reliable, easy to use, and friendly. It’s just a no-brainer! You can get your own domain name for around $12 a year and manage it from their dashboard which is clean and simplistic. 


While I just started using this new email marketing tool, I’m beyond impressed. I switched over my list and opt-in forms from Mailchimp and haven’t looked back. MailerLite offers loads of features for absolutely nothing.

Mailerlite free email marketing tool for bloggers and business owners

Yes, it’s totally free for lists of 1000 and under.

It’s a new service but they are improving it every day and really do listen to their users.

You’ll get access to landing pages, pop ups, automation, segments, groups, custom fields, link triggers and so much more!

Engaging with my email list and setting up new sequences and freebies as become something fun to do. If you’re interested in getting started I have a content upgrades tutorial that shows you how to send a freebie using automations!

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There isn’t a tool that is more helpful in my business than Dubsado. It takes care of my contracts, invoices, automated emails, workflows, scheduling, forms, and so much more.

I spent a lot of time trying different tools to automate my client onboarding. And they worked okay for a while but things were always falling through the cracks.

WIth Dubsado, anything dealing with clients is completely automated and all in one place. You can try it for free and save 20% with code shayleesmith if you decide you love it too!

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48 Tools to Boost Your Biz
Ultimate List of Business Tools

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When I first started using Asana, I really disliked it. There’s a lot of features and the documentation is really extensive so it can be overwhelming when you get started. But now I couldn’t imagine running my business without it.

Asana keeps my projects and tasks organized, plus its super easy to collaborate with my clients so we don’t have to keep emailing each other.

For a free tool, Asana is full of features and works great for solopreneurs and larger teams. If you don’t care for lists you can create a board style list (just like Trell0) and drag and drop your tasks around. I’ve seen so many different ways to use Asana so the possibilities are endless when it comes to your biz.


So I still think Asana is a great project management tool, but recently I started using a new app called ClickUp.

It’s incredible similar to Asana but has far more flexibility and customizations, even on the free version.

ClickUp project management tool for business owners

For example you can have custom fields for each of your projects, there are complex ways to sort and filter tasks, and you can easily switch between different views (like boards, lists, and calendar).

There’s even a dark mode!

It took me a little while to adjust to ClickUp since there’s a lot going on under the hood. But I don’t think I could go back to Asana because it lacks several features that ClickUp makes easily accessible.


I have a love/hate relationship with Paypal. They are notorious for holding money hostage and are basically a huge bank with no rules or regulations, which is scary since you can have your money essentially stolen. But I like the taste of danger and have stuck with them for years.

I recently upgraded to a business account and now can add Buy It Now buttons to my website and access all the swanky biz features they have. But what I mainly use Paypal for is invoicing clients. They have improved their invoice tool greatly and you can add your logo, create premade items, accept partial payments/deposits, and even use different templates. 

Nearly every client is familiar with Paypal and feel safe using a trusted tool to pay you. It makes you look professional (sort of) and you can get your money sent straight to your bank. I typically get my money the very next day which is a huge relief for me!

Google Apps

Although I don’t use Gmail and I find some of Google’s settings and tools insanely intuitive, I’m a big Google fan. I use several of their “apps” to enhance my biz lifestyle.

For taking down quick notes and ideas, I use Keep. It lets you create lists, voice notes, drawings, reminders, and photos. It may be a good alternative to tools like Evernote.

I’m also a huge fan of Google Calendar, Docs, Drive, and Hangouts. While I’m just using the free versions, they do have Google Apps specifically for business that includes everything under the sun. It’s basically a virtual office for you and your team members.


I wasn’t always a big fan of Hootsuite. It doesn’t have the nicest interface and there’s a lot of buttons all over the place but I’ve liked the changes they’ve made over the years.

The free plan is just perfect for me since I’m a solopreneur. It allows you to connect with 3 social networks, 2 rss feeds, and schedule up to 30 posts at a time.

You can connect with your feeds inside Hootsuite to keep your eye on all the latest happenings. It even works with Instagram!

There’s also a browser extension so you can share and schedule content as you find it across the web. The auto-schedule feature saves me time and helps me post at the best times.

What biz tools can you simply not live without? Let me know in the comments!

48 Tools to Boost Your Biz
Ultimate List of Business Tools

A huge free list of apps and tools to help run and automate your business from A to Z

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9 of My Favorite Business Tools
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Heya, I'm Shaylee!

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  1. It’s quite refreshing to read some tools and resources I don’t see every day! Some of the older ones are quite overplayed. I appreciate the time you took to research our new ones that might still be up and coming.

  2. I have to agree that the google tools are very useful, I love documents and spreadsheets. I also like using hangout with my clients. My favorite tool is Evernote, I like curating content from different sites and organizing it by keywords/interests. Thank you for sharing!


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