Roundup of GDPR Resources to Get Compliant

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Although the GDPR is already upon us, there are probably lots of you who are still struggling to wrap your heads around it or get compliant. If you don’t know what the General Data Protection Regulation is then you may be living under a rock (or it’s just not the trendy topic anymore).

GDPR is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. But even if you don’t reside in the EU or target those visitors, you’re still obligated to abide by those laws for EU-based visitors, commentors, clients, and subscribers.

Basically, if you collect any type of data (such as IP address, name, email) then you are required to protect that data and respect the rights of those visitors.

The biggest things you’ll likely need to do is:

  • Update your Privacy Policy and other legal jargon
  • Adjust your opt-in forms and email marketing tactics
  • Install a cookie consent notification on your website

Below is a roundup of freebies, checklists, templates, and resources to help get your website, blog, business, and email list compliant with the GDPR laws.

Information + Checklists

GDPR For Entrepreneurs: What You Need to Know – A podcast / blog post by Amy Porterfield featuring Bobby Klinck (an intellectual property attorney) that is amazing! It outlines the major changes business owners need to make for the GDPR as well as action items to follow.

Free GDPR Compliance Checklist – This is a great free download that tells you what is required of you as a business owner, what to include in your privacy policy, and tweaks you can do to your email marketing.

GDPR Compliant Blog Course – A very extensive course that will teach you in-depth all the legal caveats of the GDPR along with your obligations to comply. Included are action steps and tons of bonus templates to make this the only resource you’ll need!

GDPR for Online Entrepreneurs – A free Facebook group for online entrepreneurs who need advice or help with the GDPR ran by a UK-based lawyer. Inside you’ll find a ton of video content and lessons to answer your questions.

Email Marketing

Mailerlite’s GDPR Features: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 – A 3 part blog series on new updates and changes within Mailerlite for the GDPR. There’s an updated form builder with new compliance features, reengagement campaigns, and even a snippet to include in your privacy policy.

Creating Opt-in Forms under the GDPR – Examples of good and bad forms and how they comply (or don’t) with the GDPR. Mentioned are the use of check boxes, freebie incentives, and confusing language.

Convertkit’s GDPR FAQ – Frequently asked questions on the GDPR and how Convertkit is handling them plus features they are offering. CK has been excellent about these new GDPR updates and I’m really impressed. While I love Mailerlite, CK has a more robust system to allow for handling EU opt-ins.

Privacy Policy Templates

GDPR Compliant Terms + Conditions and Privacy Policy – Written by a real lawyer, these legal documents are GDPR ready and easy to fill out with your own information.

Shopify’s free Privacy Policy generator and Terms of Service generator – A free generator or a GDPR compliant bundle for only $15

Free GDPR compliant Privacy Policy template – This is a really in-depth template written up by (again) a real lawyer! Although you have to leave a credit back to their site, it is highly customizable and includes a ton of suggestions and template areas for you to adapt it to your needs. It even has an extra page that explains how each part relates to the GDPR.

GDPR Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy swipe files – A blogger shares her very own policies! Her husband is a lawyer and has helped her craft her own documents that she’s kindly sharing with her visitors.

Cookie Notifications

I’ve heard mixed things about having to have a cookie consent notification on your website. According to WPMU Dev, you only need a cookie notification if you’re 1) based in the EU, 2) target EU-based consumers, or 3) your website server is located in the EU.

But on the flip side, others claim that just having EU visitors on your website is enough to warrant the cookie notification.

I’m not a lawyer so I have no clue. If you decide to add one to your website there are several tools and plugins to easily take care of it.

GDPR Cookie Consent – A free cookie consent plugin with a wide array of features to make your site compliant. Lots of options and ways to customize it so it works with your website.

Cookie Notice – A free and fully GDPR compliant cookie plugin for WordPress. There are a variety of settings and customizations and it’s even SEO friendly!

Cookiebot – Free or paid cookie service that works with any website with just a few lines of code. This tool has the most features and can even detect what cookies your website is using so you can display them in your privacy policy.

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Roundup of GDPR Resources to Get Compliant
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