How to Make a New Admin User on WordPress

You may need to set up a new admin user on WordPress for various reasons; such as making a new account for your web developer to make some changes or work on your website. Luckily, creating a new user is really simple even if you’re not a WordPress master.

Login as an Admin

To create an admin account, you must be logged in as a current administrator. You will most likely login on your website by going to

Navigate to Users > Add New

There’s already a nifty Users section on the admin panel in WordPress. Just hover over this section and a new menu will open; then click Add New.

Add the User

This is where you’ll add all the info for your new user. Unless they’ve already given you this info, try to pick something appropriate and accurate.

Don’t use “webdesigner2011” as the username! Depending on the plugins you have installed, WordPress might choose a secure password for you or you can have the user pick their own when they get emailed.

I recommend keeping Send User Notification checked so that the user will receive the correct info. Finally, make sure the role is set to Administrator so you don’t have to update it later.

And that’s it! Be careful you don’t make a new admin account for just anyone because they’ll be able to do anything they want with WordPress.

You can also create other types of users too for editors or subscribers or even your own custom user role. If you have any questions or need help creating a new user on WordPress, just drop a message in the comments below!

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How to Make a New Admin User on WordPress
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Heya, I'm Shaylee!

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