10 Places to Put Your Opt-in to Boost Your List

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You might have an opt-in or two around your website and think that’s sufficient. But did you know it’s recommended to have your opt-in at least 7 places around your website?

That may sound crazy but are your opt-in forms really doing enough to convert subscribers? In this post I’m going to share with you 10 different places you can advertise your newsletter and boost your list. 

Below (or in) your header

One of the best places you can put your opt-in is in your header or right below it. I usually have my latest lead magnet or important call-to-action right in my header and it drives the most clicks to that freebie overall. 

This area is above the fold and the first thing your viewers are going to see. Consider your header section the prime real estate of your website. Banner sliders and hero images are still really popular but you’ll find the biggest bloggers and entrepreneurs put an opt-in here.

If your theme doesn’t have an area to put form, check out this tutorial. I’d also recommend the gorgeous Studio and Olivia themes at Coded Creative, which have a custom header area! 

In the sidebar

A common place to add an opt-in form is in your blog’s sidebar. It seems like a no brainer and it’s really easy to do. You can put an embedded form, a button to a pop-up, or even a graphic linking to your landing page.

The downsides are that a lot of people have sidebar-blindness and may not even look over there. Plus, is you have a lot of widgets like categories, graphics, and ads… then your opt-in is just going to be another thing.

Kimi of Pink Hexagon uses her sidebar strategically

You may not even have a sidebar or choose to use one. In that case, one less thing to worry about!

After your blog post

A place many people forget to put extra things are after your blog post. Sure, you may have your related posts or even an author bio there but you’re missing out if you don’t put an opt-in there.

If you look down at the end of this post, you’ll see I have a graphic that leads to an opt-in page. This shows up on every post I have and I don’t have to do anything extra!

Some themes make it easy to expand this area by including a widgetized section. If you’re on Genesis, you can follow this tutorial to add your own area. And if that doesn’t work for you then check out this plugin which will add a widget area after your content.

In your blog post (content upgrade)

Content upgrades are just that – upgrades to your content. They usually go along with blog posts and your audience can download them in exchange for their email address. These have become all the rage in growing email lists and are very effective. 

Even if you don’t have a content upgrades for your blog post, you can insert your opt-in form right into your blog post. Bonus points if you can relate joining your list back to the topic of your post.

Psst! I have an example below of my own content upgrade. Click the image to get access to my free workbook – Grow Your List Handbook!

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Grow Your List Handbook

Free 14-page interactive workbook that teaches you the basics of email marketing

In the footer

You may not think people scroll all the way down to your footer or even care what’s down there. But that’s completely false!

Footer opt-ins can often be one of the highest converting forms on your website. With most themes, you can easily add widgets or forms to your footer so you are missing out if you don’t put your opt-in there.

If you’ve already got a variety of incentives around your website, then use your footer to subtly advertise your newsletter and what subscribers will receive for being a part of your list.

In a top bar

A smart bar, hello bar, or top bar is that thin little bar you see at the top of websites that says “I have this great free thing – Sign up now!”. Since it’s small and at the top of your page, you don’t have to worry about it being intrusive to your visitors.

Even so, it’s a good way to sneak another opportunity to grow your email list on your website. HelloBar is a great free service that will let you add such a bar to your website.

In a scroll box or pop-up

So, I totally hate pop-ups… and Google isn’t so fond of them either. But it’s an option and it’s been proven they grow your list so I had to include it.

A pop-up is a box that shows up on scroll, exit-intent, or some other event and has an opt-in form for your visitor to fill out. Some people will be fine with it but others will find it annoying and might just leave your website.

Scroll box opt-in
Mariah of Bloom Hustle Grow uses a scroll box to not disrupt readers

A better alternative, in my opinion, is a scroll box. This is a box that appears in the corner of your website when the visitor starts scrolling. It has the same idea as the pop-up box but it’s sooo much nicer as a reader because it’s not blocking their view from your content.

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Cover Page

Ok, so I really don’t like cover pages either. Hell, they are worse then pop-ups in my opinion. But they have been shown to do well in growing email lists (probably because people don’t know how to close them ).

A cover page, or welcome mat, is a full-page opt-in that takes over the entire page when someone visits your website. They can usually scroll past it or close out if they don’t want to sign up, but it can super obnoxious to visitors, especially is you bombard them with a pop-up or other opt-ins. 

Social media accounts

You may not know it but your social media accounts are a great place to sneak a link to your opt-in. I use my Facebook page, Twitter profile, Instagram profile, and Pinterest profile as just another outlet for my opt-in forms.

If you have a Facebook page for your blog or business, then you can use a service like WooBox to add an extra tab that has your opt-in form. Sometimes your email marketing platform might have an app or way to connect with Facebook directly. 

On Twitter, share a tweet about your latest opt-in or main landing page then pin it to the top of your profile. It’s basically like a free advertising spot for your Twitter page!

And on Pinterest and Intagram you’re able to include a link on your profile (hint, hint – it doesn’t have to be just to your website). 

A dedicated landing page

One thing I think a lot of people don’t consider is to create a dedicated landing page just for their opt-in or freebie. I have a few just for my freebies but I also have one that is just meant for opting in to my list, see it here

I’ll admit, I never even thought about making a join or sign-up page on my website for the sole purpose of signing up for my list. But you’ll totally wish you did have one when you want to send people to your sign-up form without any extra fluff or distractions.

And you don’t need LeadPages to make your own landing pages. If you’re using MailerLite you can create your own landing pages through that. Or if you have a WordPress site I have a tutorial on how to create landing pages for free!

Although I listed 10 places to put your opt-in, you shouldn’t go overboard with it. No one wants to close out of a cover page only to be met with a pop-up, scroll box, and other opt-in.

But it’s also important to include your forms and opt-ins all around your website, so when your visitors decide they do want to be a part of your community they can easily find a place to give you their email. 

And don’t forget to have a welcome email ready to go for new subscribers. Want some tips on crafting an amazing welcome email? Check out this Guide to Welcome Email Best Practices.

Where do you have your newsletter opt-ins placed? Let me know in the comments below!

Grow Your List Handbook

Free 14-page interactive workbook that teaches you the basics of email marketing

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10 Places to Put Your Opt-in to Boost Your List
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Heya, I'm Shaylee!

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