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Katie of Twist of Lemons came to me because she wanted to make some changes to her theme as well as add an affiliate store using WooCommerce. I tweaked her theme’s current category template so that it just displayed each photo with the title. Previously it would list each post with the excerpt, like it does on the front page.

I also installed and configured a related posts plugin so that similar blog posts would appear below her posts. Using CSS I styled the related posts area so that it matched the rest of her theme and looked like the examples she had sent me.

Because her theme was not WooCommerce ready I had to create custom templates so her store would look good and match her branding. The result was a customized and cohesive looking shop that she can display her favorite affiliate products and easily add more. Katie also wanted the front page to display all her products sorted by category which required some extra coding but turned out perfect.

Finally, I configured a menu plugin so she could have an extensive drop down menu for all her blog categories. Her theme was also not built to have drop down menus on its own so using a plugin was a great solution. 

Working with Katie was a great experience and she loved the results of my work. To be able to tweak her website so it represents her brand and goals better makes me extremely happy!