You’re a badass blogger or business owner and your website is the crown jewel of your business. But there are countless things you need to do to it! Setting up that new opt-in plugin, tweaking the colors and fonts, plus moving your site to that host everyone is talking about.

Yet between marketing and taking care of your clients you just don’t have the time to devote to figuring out all that tech stuff. Rather than spend hours trying to create a child theme or setup your opt-in freebie you could be making money! Not to mention with one wrong click your entire website could go down.

If you're sick of...

  • Searching hours on end for answers and code and tutorials that never work
  • Worrying one small tweak will send your website crashing and lose you customers
  • Having a website that looks like everyone else’s because you can’t add the features you want
  • Being overwhelmed with improving your website and business because the tech is too much

And you dream of...

  • Having all the features you want on your website without limitations
  • Saving time (and headaches) trying to wade through code and tutorials
  • Making more money because your website is a notch above the competition
  • The peace of mind you’ll get knowing your website is in good hands and safe
I had a tech issue with my membership site and wasted a ton of time trying to figure it out myself. When I reached out to Shaylee she was able to solve the problem instantly - I wish I had found her sooner! She's definitely a tech wizard and my go-to for WordPress help now!
Elle Drouin of Wonderfelle Media
Elle Drouin

I can help you with...

  • WordPress fixes and tweaks
  • Plugin installation and configuration
  • Theme and CSS updates and styling
  • Custom post types and templates
  • Custom widgets, sidebars, or footers
  • Broken website troubleshooting
  • Email list setup and integrations
  • Mobile and responsive edits
  • Website optimization and clean-up
  • Landing page setup and coding
  • 1-on-1 training and support
  • SSL setup and configuration
  • Domain and website transfers
  • Hosting tasks and troubleshooting
  • And much more, just ask!
Projects start at $200

The Process

Let's Go

You'll start by filling out the form below and telling me all about your website issues and what exactly you need my help with (the more details the better). In a few days I'll respond, usually with questions or maybe needing access to your site.

Make it official

Once I have a good understanding of your project I'll send you my estimate for price (starting at $200) and completion time. You'll accept the proposal, sign the contract, and pay your invoice in one easy process.

Elbow grease

Now comes the heavy lifting. I'll start breaking ground on your tasks on the date I gave you, giving you updates along the way. We'll be in communication via email if anything comes up or I have more questions.


Once you've sent over your final adjustments and you're happy with the results of the project, we'll be all done! I may send over a feedback form or have other suggestions for your website. But I always hope you'll return if you need help again!

Working with Shaylee was an absolute joy. Not only is she incredibly prompt and organized, but her ability to match the aesthetic I described and then execute it onto to my site was incredible. Typically done so in a way that was better than I could have imagined it looking. She is so talented, and I look forward to working with her again soon!
Katie of Twist of Lemons
Katie Lemons

Ready To Get Started?

Click the link above to download a pdf that outlines all the important details about how I work, the best way to send over your project, and the process we'll take. Reading this first will prepare you to get the quickest and most accurate quote!

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