5 Ways to Start Earning Affiliate Income Right Now

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Affiliate marketing is becoming all the rage in the blogosphere! How many posts have you seen that say “I earned $1000 last month with affiliate marketing”? The hype is real!

The truth is affiliate marketing is hard work and it won’t happen overnight. To be successful with affiliate marketing you need a clear niche, consistent blog schedule with valuable content, and strategic marketing plan. 

That shouldn’t deter you from going for it though. In this post I’m going to share with you five different ways you can get started making passive income through affiliate marketing today right away!

1. Write how to and review posts

One of the best and quickest ways to share a new tool, product, or service is to review it or create a how to guide that will teach your audience how to use it. After that you can market your post or tutorial on social media and other channels. 

I’ve received a ton of affiliate sign-ups for MailerLite because of my content upgrades how to post as well as my comparison of it to Mailchimp. Don’t limit yourself to one and done; you should create multiple posts for each tool or product.

Reviews are a particularly useful because people seeking reviews for things are often already in the buying mindset. Your post might just give someone the push they need to finally buy!

Doing comparisons to related products or tools can also show the reasons why you love the product (and that they should choose it instead).

Round-up style posts do incredibly well too.

My article about my 9 favorite business tools is one of my most popular posts and I get to share my favorite tools with my audience. You can also do round-ups that feature other bloggers or business owners and they’ll usually share your post as well.

Affiliate Link Tracker
Affiliate Link Tracker

Free spreadsheet to track all your affiliate programs, links, and logins

2. Join an affiliate network

Did you know you can join an entire network of affiliate programs at once?

I recently joined ShareASale and they literally have programs for any niche! I was able to find a lot of services I was already using that had great programs to earn money for referring new users and even just getting people to sign up for free trials.

It’s a lot easier to hit the $50 threshold for payment when every merchant you advertise counts towards that. For someone new to affiliate marketing, I think ShareASale is one of the best places to get started and find programs to join.

Another cool network to checkout is VigLink.

They act as a middleman between you and the merchants so you don’t have to sign up for each program separately. The great thing about using VigLink is that it will automatically turn your content into money making links.

So you never have to sign up for different programs, generate links, or go through your content to insert them. VigLink does all that for you!

Some other affiliate networks to check out are ClickBank, CJ Affiliate, and Rakuten Marketing (previously LinkShare).

The Ultimate Bundles affiliate program is also extremely popular among bloggers because there is something for everything and the bundles sell really well. Included in the affiliate program are tons of marketing tips, videos, and trainings to boot!

Looking for a giant list of high paying affiliate programs that’s already put together for you? Get The Affiliate Programs Masterlist (perfect for almost any niche)!

3. Create a resources page

You might notice a lot of bloggers and biz owners have a dedicated page for their favorites tools – I have one too! And it’s become one of my favorite pages to update and share on my entire website.

A resources page, or toolkit or whatever the heck you wanna call it, is a place to house your favorite tools, services, products, and more. You don’t have to just post affiliate links though as some things you really love may not have a program.

But most likely you’ll be able to fill this page with a lot of affiliate links and valuable information for your audience.

If you’re a food blogger you could have a page for your favorite kitchen tools and supplies. A beauty blogger could include their holy grail products and favorite make-up.

The possibilities are endless but relate them to your niche and audience.

4. Take a Course

If you ever find yourself stuck or stagnant then taking an educational course can provide new insights and strategies and even increase your profits.

Something I decided to invest in was Kimi Kinsey’s Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers course.

Even though I feel like I know the basics of affiliate marketing pretty well, and I even make a little bit every month, I knew there was a lot of money I was leaving on the table.

Kimi’s course covers everything from the basics for beginners to more advanced stuff like the best strategies to get your links clicked, examples of high-converting content, and even some of the best affiliate programs.

The course isn’t difficult to finish and by the end I had a ton of actionable things I was ready to go and do to my own blog posts. Her tips are timeless and easy to execute and can help you make the most of your affiliate links.

Increase your blogging income with Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers!

5. Utilize Pinterest

Pinterest recently announced that they would be allowing affiliate link pins back on their website. This is pretty great news considering Pinterest is a huge source of traffic for most bloggers.

So now you can create a custom graphic, add your description (and affiliate disclaimer), and link it right to your referral URL! I’ve did this with a few of my favorite tools and added them to several of my own boards. You can even make a board just for your affiliate pins.

Check out the pin to the left that I created for the Freshbook Affiliate program.

The pin goes directly to the sign up page for their affiliate program and if someone signs up, I earn a bit of money. Most people interested in passive income will be intrigued about joining the program. If it fits in with their niche of course 😉

There are some rules to Pinterest: you have to include the full affiliate link and not a shortened or masked version. You also need to disclose that you are an affiliate on the pin description. 

So there you have it – five different ways that you can start earning affiliate income right now!

In my opinion, you should try every avenue you can and see what works. Track your affiliate links with campaigns or cloaked links and see where you’re getting the most conversions.

Don’t forget to snag your free link tracker below!

Are you utilizing the techniques I shared in this list? What one are you going to try next? Let me know in the comments!

Affiliate Link Tracker
Affiliate Link Tracker

Free spreadsheet to track all your affiliate programs, links, and logins

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5 Ways to Start Earning Affiliate Income Right Now
Heya, I'm Shaylee!

Heya, I'm Shaylee!

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6 thoughts on “5 Ways to Start Earning Affiliate Income Right Now”

  1. Hi Shaylee,

    This post came at the right time. I was just thinking that I need to find some more affiliate networks that I can join. I haven’t really heard of Viglinks, I may have to check them out.

    Like you, I love ShareASale, there’s so many different companies that you can work with. It really doesn’t matter which niche you’re in, chances are you’ll find something you can promote.

    I actually just wrote my first review on my blog. Most of the articles I write are how to’s and that seems to be working pretty good for conversions.

    I am always looking for new articles that I can write to help me improve my affiliate conversions. I haven’t thought about setting up a separate Pinterest board just for affiliate pins.

    If I get some free time this week, not likely. I’ll have to set up a new Pinterest board and start working on creating more pins just for the affiliate products that I am promoting.

    Thanks for sharing these tips, I know that they will help so many people improve their affiliate marketing.

    Have a great day 🙂


    • I’m so glad you found these tips helpful! I’m so happy to have discovered ShareASale 🙂 And you’re totally right – they have something for every niche. Good luck with your affiliate earnings!

  2. Hey thanks for this!

    I found your post on WOW and I’m *just* getting back into affiliate marketing as a way to supplement my income. So far since my traffic is so low I’m just starting with Amazon but I’m definitely going to save this for later!


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