The Easiest Way to Make a Resource Library

The Easiest Way to Make a Resource Library

One thing I see a lot of people ask online and in Facebook Groups is how to create a resource library where they can store all their freebies that people can opt-in to download.

Resource libraries are a great way to grow to grow your email list because people can get access to all your best content at once. It also gives you a place to store all your freebies and content upgrades.

The most common way is to set up a password protected page that holds all your free downloads and you then share the password with your email list.

But it’s difficult for subscribers to keep up with the password, it’s a hassle to change it every so often, and it’s just not that intuitive.

I had my resource library like that for a long time, but since I’m savvy with code I was able to tweak mine a lot more than most people. Often I would get asked how someone else could make their library more like mine.

But I was getting frustrated with my own resource library. It was hard to track the download analytics and I had people asking about the password all over the place.

It’s as simple as Easy Content Upgrades

So I finally decided to take the leap and get one of my favorite plugins to use for clients – Easy Content Upgrades! It’s super affordable at only $29 and will totally streamline your content upgrade and resource library situation.

It also works with most of the popular email tools like Mailchimp, Mailerlite, Converkit, and ActiveCampaign.

Although the plugin is created to make content upgrades super easy, I love it especially for the resource library feature. In fact, I haven’t even got around to implementing the content upgrades part of it! 

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No more hassle for content upgrades

This plugin is built to take the trouble out of adding content upgrades to your website. This means you don’t have to go to your email marketing tool and create a form, design, fill in the content, the freebie url, setup an autoresponder to deliver it, then put some code into your website.

Everything can be done right from your website with this plugin! You connect your email marketing service of choice and it syncs right away.

Since I use Mailerlite, it will automatically add someone to a group of my choice when they download a certain content upgrade. If you’re on Mailchimp, you can use something called merge tags to specify what they have downloaded.

Easy Content Upgrades plugin

One of the best parts is there a form builder that you can customize beforehand so you have don’t have to adjust every single content upgrade; but you absolutely can if you want to!

On top of that you can choose from embedded forms or popups, include a screenshot of the freebie, and customize the emails that get sent for confirmation. You can upload the freebie directly to your website or redirect subscribers somewhere else.

When you’re ready to put the content upgrade into your post or pages you can just copy and paste the shortcode or click the button available in the visual editor.

No coding or tech knowledge needed for any of this!

Get Easy Content Upgrades!

The easiest resource library ever

Now time for my favorite part – the resource library! All you have to do is create a page for it and go to the plugin’s settings to select it. You’re also able to change the locked message and the email that gets sent.

Any content upgrade can easily be added right into the resource library by checking a box or just go straight to the library builder and add them there.

But my absolute favorite thing, and the reason I decided I needed this plugin, is because there is NO password required!

All a subscriber has to do is enter their email, they will get a confirmation email and then they can access the library.

It keeps them “logged in” to the library for a long time but if they ever need to access it again all they have to do is enter their email and the plugin checks and grants them access! That is a lifesaver for me because I don’t want to fiddle with a password.

Some other things you can do is choose to display a description and the content upgrade image, sort them however you like, and choose to display up to six columns of freebies. It will also send them to any of your groups/lists/tags that you desire.

Other reasons I love this plugin

There are a few extra things that come with this plugin that make it even that much better.

One of those being analytics and logs. This makes it very simple to see what downloads are popular over the days or months, the log of downloads in order, and what downloads have yet to be claimed by the subscriber (and they also expire!).

You may not think much of it to begin with but this data is important down the line. When you’re wondering what freebies are doing the best for you this is the easiest way to find out!

Grow Your List Handbook

Free 14-page interactive workbook that teaches you the basics of email marketing

Hands down, Ashley (the plugin developer) is amazing. Not only has she provided me instant support for this plugin on behalf of a client she has helped me numerous times with my own code and WordPress problems.

She’s one of my biggest inspirations as a WordPress developer and I love the plugins and themes and she creates. I personally know she is an amazing developer so I am happy to share her plugins with those who need them (I’m also an affiliate because of this).

So if you ever have a problem with the plugin or need support you can know she’ll be able to resolve it for you. 

If you’re not sold take a look at the plugin page yourself and see what all it can do. Plus there’s a 30 day money back guarantee if you just don’t like it at all!

I hope you find this plugin as easy to use as I did and it helps in building your free resource library! If you have any questions just let me know below in the comments.

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