10 Nifty Things You Can Do With Mailerlite

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You may already know that Mailerlite is my absolute favorite email marketing service for beginners or just those on a budget. It’s free for up to 1000 subscribers and way easier to use than some other tools.

Of course you can send freebies and create content upgrades with Mailerlite but keep reading to discover 10 other cool things you can do!

1. Create a welcome series

It’s super important to connect with your subscribers the moment they join your list. It’s recommended to send an entire series of welcome emails to nurture your new reader and introduce them to your content.

With Mailerlite’s automation features it’s super easy to do this!

Mailerlite has groups, which are similar to tags, so it’s easy to organize people by freebies, interest, or opt-ins. Using an automation I can have someone get a free download or go through a course, then get copied over to my welcome series group.

The freebie automation will take care of copying them to the new group and when that happens the welcome series automation will trigger. You can add as many emails or delays as you want.

I like to keep my welcome sequence group separate so that subscribers only get added after they’ve gotten their freebie or finished their email sequence.

Then at the end of the welcome sequence I move instead of copy the subscriber into my main mailing list group.

If you’re not sure what to include in your welcome sequence my friend Sarah, who specializes in copywriting for email, has an amazing free Welcome Sequence Blueprint which gives you outlines for each email.

2. Design a landing page

Mailerlite has a complete drag and drop landing page builder so you can create all kinds of standalone pages for your opt-ins.

This makes it super easy to create a custom page for your webinars, ebooks, free courses, and other opt-ins. They even have a great template gallery to get your started.

Mailerlite landing page templates

These will save you a lot of time but you can always start from scratch and create your very own landing page.

You’ll be able to design both the main landing page as well as the success page people see after they subscribe. You can add all sorts of different blocks like countdown timers, social sharing, videos and even custom code.

Tracking the analytics of your landing page is easy in Mailerlite. They tell you how many visitors you’ve had and how many people have signed up, plus the conversion rate.

By tracking the stats you’ll be able to see which landing pages are performing the best and duplicate them for new forms.

Mailerlite’s landing page builder is great for creating simple opt-in pages but I prefer creating my own landing pages through WordPress now.

3. Customize your unsubscribe page

Mailerlite custom unsubscribe page

You may not even know this but you can brand your unsubscribe page with Mailerlite.

Just click on your name in the top right corner and go to Unsubscribe Settings.

Next click the Edit button and you can easily add your logo, update the text, and set everything to your brand colors.

It will even give your subscribers a chance to let you know why they unsubscribed.

These statistics can let you know why people are leaving your email list and how you can improve.

4. Create link triggers

When I first joined Mailerlite you weren’t able to create link triggers, which are automations that start when someone clicks on a specific link.

When they announced it was a new feature I was so excited! With link triggers you can add people to new groups based on their interests or even what industry they’re in.

To create a link trigger you first need to have the link you plan on using as the trigger. Sometimes you might have a specific url but other times you may want to use something more general yet still be able to track it.

For example, I might have a page dedicated to “thank you for clicking this link” when I just want to add subscribers to buckets. I can use the Google Campaign URL Builder to create different variations of one url that can be tracked in Mailerlite.

This let’s you easily create different link triggers out of the same link or page.

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5. A/B test your headlines or email

When sending a campaign in Mailerlite you get the option to send different types of emails and one of those is A/B Split Campaign.

The A/B test let’s you choose from testing headlines, from names, and even email content. Both emails get sent to a small percentage of your list and the best performing email will be sent to the remainder of your list.

Doing these types of tests will show you what your audience responds best to and how to get the most opens and clicks.

It’s interesting to see what might work better. For example, using the reader’s name or even an emoji in the subject line can increase open rates greatly!

6. Be GDPR compliant

Back when the GDPR was a huge thing everyone was freaking out about how this would affect their email list and opt-ins.

Mailerlite made it simple and published a series of blog posts leading up to the GDPR date showing the new features that have been added to aide with privacy and those living in the EU.

It’s now easy to view what subscribers are in the EU and forget their data completely if needed.

The opt-in forms have a new section for privacy and GDPR related consents. You can add consent boxes and different marketing permission fields that are GDPR compliant.

This can let your subscribers consent to different things or even choose to join multiple groups, like your main mailing list.

I like that you can add custom check boxes and can alter any of the language of the privacy sections. You can also choose to hide anything you don’t need.

Recommended Reading: Roundup of GDPR Resources to Get You Compliant

7. Sell an email course

Ok, so you can’t do this with Mailerlite alone since you need something to process the payments but being able to sell an email course has mystified people for a long time.

I had a client reach out to me about setting up a paid email course with Mailerlite. It didn’t seem possible at first but I did a lot of research and finally discovered a perfect (and affordable) solution with SendOwl.

Inside SendOwl, you can create products or services, set prices, and process payments all in one. The secret sauce is that you can connect a product (or service) with a specific group inside Mailerlite.

So when someone buys your email course they’ll automatically get added to the appropriate group and the email sequence will trigger!

With SendOwl you can easily embed your purchase buttons anywhere. That means you can sell your email courses directly from your website or even embed them right into your Mailerlite landing pages.

8. Send your latest blog posts

If you’d like your subscribers to receive your latest emails right in their inbox you can do that in Mailerlite . Just create a new RSS Campaign.

You’ll have to insert the feed url of your website which is usually yourdomain.com/feed.

After that you’ll be able to select your settings such as how often your blog posts go out and what time and day. You can also choose to only send out new posts.

If you use the new email builder you’ll choose RSS & Feature from the top left dropdown and choose an RSS block to display your blog posts in the email.

You’ll be able to customize the blog post look and feel to match your branding, or if you already have a template then you’ll save even more time.

I also recommend creating a new, separate group for your blog posts and give subscribers the option to sign up for them. Some people may prefer not receiving notifications but want to stay on your list.

Grow Your List Handbook

Free 14-page interactive workbook that teaches you the basics of email marketing

9. Ask survey questions

If you use the “new” drag and drop editor instead of the classic to create your email campaign then you can actually send out surveys that your readers can fill out right in the email.

All you have to do is insert a survey block and tweak the questions and settings. There are a lot of different options and ways to get feedback.

Mailerlite email surveys

There’s a satisfaction score that shows cute little faces or you can switch it to stars or hearts if you’re asking your readers to rate something.

The survey block even has rules you apply to different questions. So if someone provides a specific answer to a question you can automatically add the subscriber to another group or update a custom field.

This is such a clever way to get feedback or information from your subscribers and then use that to group or tag them!

10. Design an email template

With the addition of the new drag and drop builder you can now create your own email template to reuse for your newsletters and emails.

Before that you had to just reuse a previous email that was sent and just replace the content. It wasn’t difficult but it wasn’t exactly a template.

To build your own templates, just click on your user icon in the top right and go down to My Templates.

They have a library of pre-designed templates that can help save your time but I find a lot of these are a bit too fancy for bloggers or small business owners.

Some of the templates like Letter, Webinar, and the feedback surveys can help save you time or give you a good foundation to build on for your own emails.

Either way the new drag and drop builder has so many different blocks to create highly custom emails!

You can embed Instagram and Facebook posts, galleries, digital signatures, products, countdowns and even custom code. You may not need all of these for your templates but the possibilities are endless.

One thing you do have to be sure to do however is add your mailing address to your email footer.

Unlike a lot of other email marketing tools that ensure your address is added automatically to every email,Mailerlite doesn’t so you have to put it in yourself. And yes, you must have a physical mailing address in your newsletters!

Did you discover something new you can do with Mailerlite? Let me know in the comments below what your favorite thing was!

And if you haven’t already you can sign up for free with Mailerlite right now!

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10 Nifty Things You Can Do With Mailerlite
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Heya, I'm Shaylee!

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4 thoughts on “10 Nifty Things You Can Do With Mailerlite”

  1. Shaylee, thanks for writing. It looks like Maierlite is cheaper after a 1000 subscribers than GetResponse, but with the same barebones features. How do you think it compares to other newsletter services.

    • I don’t have any experience with GetResponse unfortunately but I think Mailerlite is perfect for beginners or those who need something affordable for their list but don’t want to sacrifice automation, landing pages, and a nice email builder. Mailerlite is a bit basic compared to more robust email service providers like ConvertKit and ActiveCampaign; you won’t be able to integrate with as many things and the automations aren’t as complex. I’ve been really happy with it while growing my email list though 🙂

      • Thanks for your feedback. Yeah, I’m not a beginner, but I’m not very happy with the newsletter features in GetResponse, and it cost twice as much as Mailerlite. I might sign up for the free version of Mailerlite and test it out. I think it does work with Thrive Themes.

        • You might look into ActiveCampaign as well. It’s not free but very affordable depending on the size of your list. I’m actually about to start a trial with ActiveCampaign myself to see how it is. You have the ability to create really complex automations and I love that.


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