Your Website Needs These 5 Things

Websites require a lot of moving parts to be effective and successful. But in this post I’m going over 5 major things that every website should have.

Some of these might be super obvious or you think your website is already doing it well, but take a step back and really look at your site from a stranger’s perspective. You’d be surprised how many little design tweaks can improve your overall business!

1. Who you are and what you do

It’s so freaking important that the people coming to your website know who you are, what you do, and the audience you target. 

I’ve been to countless websites where I’ve hunted all over for that person’s name or what the business does. I usually end up leaving not knowing anything about that website other than what it looked like. 

In short, share who you are and what you do on the front page of your site, preferably above the fold. Make sure people know these things within the first 10 seconds of landing on your site. All you need is a descriptive sentence or two!

2. A strong call-to-action

People like to click buttons.

It’s just the way we are so make sure you have big, enticing buttons to click on your website. Think of the #1 goal for your website. Maybe it’s getting people to contact you for more info, selling a product or service, or just having them opt-in to your list.

Whatever the goal is, create a button leading them to that page or option. That’s not all you should be doing though!

Make sure that button is using some words that will give the person a reason to click. “Get my free guide” or “Heck yes, I want access” are compelling and let the user know what this button will give them.

Did you know that color matters too? Although you should make sure your buttons fit in with your branding, it’s important that they are a contrasting color and stand out. Intense colors like orange and red are shown to get more activity too!

3. Contact info

It’s so easy to overlook or forget that your website needs contact info! This can be a phone number, address, email address, or contact form.

Give your visitors at least one or two ways to get in touch with you. Even if you think that nobody will need to or why in the heck would someone want to reach out to you, you need it! 

Don’t put yourself or your business out on the internet without a way to get feedback, connect with others, or receive inquiries. How would you feel if you wanted to complain or praise a company, went to their website, and couldn’t find a single way to reach them?

You’d get frustrated and not bother and may even stop being a fan of them (or tell others how you feel too)!

4. Interactivity (social media, newsletters, blog)

Too often biz owners think all they need is a fancy website to grow their business. But then they let it sit around and collect dust, wondering why it’s not producing the results they desire. The truth is, you need to constantly maintenance and update your website (like your car).

People will keep coming back to your website if you give them a reason to.

Adding a blog to your website should be a no-brainer. Even if you don’t have the time or enjoy writing, you can always hire someone to publish at least a couple posts a month.

Blogs add tons of value to websites, keep them fresh and updated, and turn your SEO way up! Plus you give your followers a way to interact and learn more about you and your business.

Every website also needs a few social media channels (with buttons on your website) and an email list. Even if you have no clue why you would need a list or what to do with it, start growing it now!

You will thank me later. How else do you expect to reach out to your audience and devoted fans?

5. A user-friendly design and navigation

Ok, this one should be obvious. If your website was slapped together on Wix and it takes me 5 minutes just to navigate through your menu, something is wrong. While your website and it’s design should 100% represent your brand, it needs to be clean and effective.

Less is (usually) more in this case. Only include what your audience needs and what will boost your sales/conversions/sign ups.

If you’re looking for a ton of rad tips to improve your website’s user-experience, check out this website.

My top advice? Don’t clutter your sidebar, keep your pages clean and concise, and please don’t bombard us with popups and opt-ins before I can even start reading your content!

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Your Website Needs These 5 Things
Heya, I'm Shaylee!

Heya, I'm Shaylee!

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