Why I Love SiteGround Hosting

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I know a thing or two about web hosts. Not only have I used several companies for my own websites, I’ve worked with numerous other hosts on behalf of my clients. So you can imagine that I’ve gained some opinions over the years on what is best and who really sucks.

Truth be told, I’m a pretty frugal person so I’ve always went with free or very cheap hosting. Last month I had to renew my SiteGround hosting and it was a whopping $119 for the year!

It was certainly more than I wanted to pay and my aunt said I should just switch to her host (which was a lot cheaper).

But I thought more about it and realized that I didn’t mind paying more because I was getting what I paid for:

  • amazing up-time
  • quality support and service
  • a company who cares
  • free SSL
  • an easy to use dashboard
  • great security and speeds
  • plus their extra caching!

I’ve always had various problems using cheaper hosts and I always recommend my clients and readers to SiteGround, so I’m sticking with them 🙂 Just take a look at some of these comparisons to other popular web hosts.

SiteGround is the best web hosting

You don’t know what you have till… 

But unless you’ve worked with some (really) bad hosts you probably wouldn’t realize just how amazing SiteGround is. For example, simple things like setting up a fresh WP install, adding a new domain or email, and finding certain things takes a few seconds on SiteGround.

If I try to do those things (and I have) on GoDaddy or BlueHost… well it’s not fun.

GoDaddy has an incredibly terrible dashboard and I still find myself clicking all over just trying to get to the hosting section. Plus they are SLOW and will charge you a lot of fees for things you can get for free elsewhere.

Bluehost is a terrible web host

BlueHost seems to just break itself, constantly. Trying to do the tasks I mentioned above almost always leads me to an “error” message or page missing error.

Sometimes features are just completely down! Once I had to contact support only to be told “We know it’s not working and we have no idea when it will be fixed”.

Last week I even took a screenshot of issues I was running into on a client’s site. The only thing I was doing was opening up the backups page.

But I guess those don’t exist in the world of Bluehost!

I could keep going but this post isn’t about why Bluehost and Godaddy suck, it’s about why SiteGround is amazing and should be your website’s host! So I’ll talk more in-depth about my favorite things SiteGround offers.

Free migrations and SSL

One thing that really sets SiteGround apart is that they don’t hide everything behind an up-sale like many hosts. Every person who signs up gets one free migration from their old host (on the GrowBig and GoGeek plans only).

This has been a lifesaver for me because when my clients sign up all I have to do is give SiteGround the old hosting info and they magically copy every thing over. So if you’re worried about how to transfer your website, don’t be! They will take care of it all.

Lately we all know how important SSL is. Google is favoring sites with it and even puts out warnings when a site isn’t secured. Plus your site will need SSL if you plan on selling through Paypal this year.

It takes about 10 seconds to setup the free SSL certificate on SiteGround. Freaking easy! 

Lightning fast speeds and caching

So far SiteGround has been the only host I’ve ever used that has had built-in caching, which they call Supercacher. Even if you’re just on the cheapest plan they have you’ll be able to access the first level of optimization.

They even have a free plugin they recommend adding to your website to use with Supercacher and Let’s Encrpt.

Support with a brain

Doing tech support work I often have to reach out to hosting support for various reasons. You know what isn’t fun? Dealing with support reps who know less about hosting and technology than you do.

I’ve gone in circles for hours with certain hosts trying to get them just to even understand what my problems were. More often than not they have to escalate my issue to another department and I’ll hear from them when I hear from them.

SiteGround has been some of the most knowledgeable people to get help from. My questions are answered quickly and usually my tickets are resolved on the very first response. 

Great customer service isn’t anything to sneeze at!

Web Hosting

If you’re ready to boost your loading speeds or just start your website out on the right foot, I highly recommend SiteGround web hosting!

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Why I Love SiteGround Hosting
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Heya, I'm Shaylee!

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