Let's Learn


A comprehensive free course for beginners to learn the basics of WordPress

In 4 Lessons We’ll Cover

Free WordPress course for beginners

What You'll Take Away

Know which WordPress version and hosting company is perfect for your blog

Feel comfortable installing plugins, tweaking settings, and navigating WP

Have the best plugins ready to go and ensure your site is configured correctly

Launch the site of your dreams with the perfect design that suits you

Who's Teaching This?

I’m Shaylee and I’ve been tinkering with WordPress websites for over 10 years. It started out with just some HTML and CSS and before long I found myself moving to WordPress – it does run over 30% of the web so learning it was a must. Being a tech-savvy nerd, I picked up WordPress like a duck in water. In this free course I wanted to explain what WordPress is and give you a proper foundation. It doesn’t have to be scary and you can build the website of your dreams!


Ready to show WordPress who's boss?